I pray that your love will grow more and more. And let it be based on knowledge and understanding. Then you will be able to know what is best. You will be pure and without blame until the day Christ returns.

Philippians 1:9-10


Each week kids gain knowledge of scripture as they memorize a verse or passage. Children meet in D-Groups with other children their age or grade and an adult leader so that they can share the scriptures they memorize each week and to be encouraged in their pursuit of the Christ-centered life.


We gain understanding of the scriptures through a teaching time based on the scripture being memorized each week. 

Love Grows

As we grow in our knowledge and understanding of God‘s word our love for God grows. Our love for God is expressed through worship. Each week the kids have the opportunity to express their love for God as we worship together.
We know that the biggest reward for scripture memory will come as the walk through the journey of life and they use them to live a life that reflects Christ. We do have a reward system in place to encourage them in the short term. Points are accumulated each week in several ways; they can be earned for memorizing verses, recalling past verses, bringing a Bible and wearing a GROW shirt. They may also receive bonus points for bringing a friend, memorizing the answer to the weekly question and participating in theme nights. Kids will receive rewards as they earn points along the way.

6:15pm - Rec. 1-6 / Worship PreK/K

6:30pm - Large Group 1-6 / Rec. Prek/K

6:55pm - D Groups

7:30pm - Pick up in D Group rooms
Theme Nights

Sept. 6- Team Spirit  Oct. 4- Socktober!

Nov. 1- Mustache     Dec. 6- Silly Christmas

Feb. 7- Crazy Hair    March 6- Sunglasses

April 10- Tye Dye

PreK/K Verses

1st-6th Grade Verses